Thursday, October 13, 2016

T25 Week 1 Day4

Today I did Total Body Circuit Workout.  I am modifying with Tania. I hate to post ugly photos, but took this one after my workout when. I was covered in sweat. The back of my hair is wet.

Total Body Circuit does lunges, squats, ushups, and some boxing jabs. In my mind I have worked it up to being so much worse than it is. Don't get me wrong, it is a lot of hard work, and I am modifying doing girl push-ups, but it wasn't as I remembered. I will see progress so I am focusing on doing what I can and being ok with that.

I am going walking and doing 15 minutes on the elliptical later. I'd like to add in upper body Firm tonight of I can. I will see how that goes.

I had 2 deviled eggs and my Spark energy drink before working out. After I had a Protein drink.

Lunch is tuna salad on gluten free bread with carrots.

midmeal- Greek yogurt and almonds

protein drink after walk

supper- Grilled lemon chicken, zucchini, carrots, rice

mid meal- apple and peanut butter

I'm trying to get 160 grams protein a day. the protein drinks have 30 grams each. I have to drink them to get my numbers up.

Monday, October 3, 2016

T25 day 1

I have entered a Diet Bet online trying to get myself motivated to get back on track with eating clean and working out. I joined with Autumn Calabrese from 21 Day Fix. You pay $30 and are betting on yourself that you'll lose 4% in 4 weeks. Everyone who loses the 4% splits the pot, so you get at least your $30 back plus a little extra. I didn't exercise daily last week with my mother in law here and did ok eating with some treats. I still lost 2.2 lbs. She left this morning so I can buckle down and try hard this week to get in a better rhythm.

Today was T25 Cardio. If you haven't done T25 it is 25 minutes of intense work. Tania does a modifier, which is all I am able to do I am so out of shape. I end drenched in sweat. I love these workouts because just as I am thinking I can't go on he switches to a new move. Since it is something different every 2 minutes it keeps your mind off how tired you are and thinking about doing the next thing. I also love it has a countdown clock on the screen so I can see I just need to hang on another 30 seconds and am halfway through, or only have 10 minutes left. in my mind I break it into quadrants and it somehow motivates me to get through each one. I did that running also. I'd keep up with I am halfway to halfway, halfway, 3/4 through, and so on.

It is all in my mind. My body is weak and I have no endurance built up so it is way too easy to let my weakness make excuses. I have to keep reminding myself that I can do more and push past what my body feels. Small goals and little victories.

I am doing 15 minutes on the elliptical this week. I have a hard time doing elliptical so I have to work up my time. I am also walking a mile each evening. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Girls Weekend in Nashville...Belle Meade

Our last day on our Nashville trip we went to Belle Meade, South of Nashville. Belle Meade was a plantation that gained international fame for breeding thoroughbred horses. There was no photography inside the mansion, but I got photos around the estate.
We paid for the tour, which included costume guides that told about the history of the plantation. They were very funny in the way the presented everything. At the end of the home tour you could go to the winery and sample wines. They choose 4 to sample, but we sampled others off the list until the next group came. 
This is a hydrangea tree. I love hydrangeas so wanted a photo to show my husband he could plant me a tree somewhere and how big it gets. 

Girls Weekend in Nashville Day 2

Day 2 we drove back to Franklin and went to The Factory. It was an old Mill that now has art galleries, antiques, and shops. It has one of my favorite antique stores with the best stuff. 
I bought this Italian scene painting. It has all the colors in my family room curtains I am making. 
For lunch we went to Pucketts on the Square off Main Street. I got delicious BBQ with sweet potato fries and turnip greens.
We drove a street behind Main Street and found a cute shop. Then down the road was the farmers market. They had a ton of pumpkins out.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Girls weekend in Nashville

My best friend since first grade and I have been getting together every year now that the kids are older for a girls weekend. This year we went to Nashville.

We drove up and it rained most of the day. So, we took a shuttle to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. I had never seen the inside. It has a huge indoor atrium filled with beautiful plants. There is a walkway through it all with waterfalls and statues.

it It finally slowed to a drizzle so we went to Main Street in Franklin. It has a bunch of shops all along the main street. 
Later we got an Uber to Music Row in Nashville. It is pretty lively at night. We ate at the Merchant and had a good BBQ plate. We just walked and looked at the sites and crazy people. 
We were sitting at a table and a group came in. They were standing 2 feet from us. It ended up being Craig Wayne Boyd who won season 7 of The Voice. He appeared at the Grand Ole Opry earlier that night. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


There have been a lot of changes in my life. We moved to another home within our small town. 

I love our new home and have many projects to go to make it home. 
Then, the biggest is I am a grandma! This little guy has stolen my heart. He is now 2 months old and growing every week. They live 5 hours away so every few weeks he is so much bigger and doing new things.
I haven't decided what my grandma name will be. We are playing with Lolly since my name is Holly. My husband is Pop so they think that is cute....Lolly and Pop, but I am not sure about that. When we moved I was recovering from Mono and a double sinus infection. My energy was zapped. I then went to help my daughter after birth for 2 weeks. She came back with me for a week. My son totaled my car. My son got run over by a car and had to have surgery to put screws in his ankle. I got a new car. My daughter had gall bladder surgery so I went back for a week. She came back here for two weeks. Now my husband leaves for Hawaii for a month. I have a friend coming a few days then I will leave for Hawaii for 3 weeks. 

It has all been a whirlwind since I moved, but I am in awe of the goodness of God. He has blessed us and I am so grateful for all we have and his protection and care. 

I have got to get back into exercising and eating better. I am starting T25 today. I am also going to walk each day. I hope to run again soon when I have a little more energy. I am going to try to blog my home projects and weight-loss. I have 70 lbs to go.