Monday, October 31, 2016

T25 Week 3 Day 1

Today I woke early and went for a 1 mile walk. I am building back my endurance so I can start running again in a couple of weeks. As I was walking I decided to run a little and did a couple of minutes. It was just the one time, but I pushed myself a little and look forward to feeling string again. Las the time I could see some much improvement in my lung capacity after one week of wwalking. I am trying to walk morning and night to get used to it. Nown, if the neighbors would turn off their sprinklers that would be great. 

T25 today was Total Body Circuit. I feel the push-ups in my shoulders and right elbow. I do them on my knees and still struggle because I am so out of shape. I don't think I am lined up right, but if I move my arms down I don't have strength to do them. I am watching this and hope to straighten it out as I add some strength. 

I am adding 15 minutes on the elliptical and an upper body weight set today. I don't work so I am spacing out my workouts and making it a priority to get in shape. I have an elliptical, and our neighborhood has a gym with weights and a treadmill and elliptical. That is so good, bexcuse on rainy days I can go to the gym and get my workouts in. No excuses! 

I woke with a in us headache that I dealt with all night. I took excedrine and have to establish or it will upset my stomach. So many times I grab chips but today I got a Kind peanut butter and dark chocolate protein bar. I ate half then had the other half after my walk. It has 200 calories, so debatable whether it is a good choice. I need to go get some vegetables today for omelets and egg cups to make up. 

I have fallen out of routine of taking my vitamins. I take a multi vitamin, vitamin D, magnesium, glucosamine, get B12 shots, and sinus meds. My D and B12 levels have been low to on the low side even with taking extra. I need to go sit in the sun 15 minutes a day also. We have been in a drought so all the tree and grass pollen has been horrible this year. I've been getting sinus headaches daily. I didn't sleep well. 

We'll, I haven't sleep well in 10 years. I wake at 3:30 every night. I am working on making a structured bedtime routine. At 9 I am going and changing into pajamas, taking off makeup and brushing teeth and then not looking at phone for the rest of the night. I'm trying to go to bed at 10. So far, i haven't done it. I made working on this routine. 

I am also working to drink 10 glasses of water a day. I have a Tervis tumbler that is 2. 5 cups. What I do is drink one by 10, one by 12, one by 3, and another by 6. I can tell a big difference after a few days when my body gets hydrated. I pee the first few days as my body eliminates stored fluids. Then I feel better and actually crave water. My body just feels to be running better. I am going to take a photo of my skin. I have milia. It is white bumps on my face that look like pimples without a head. They are actually little cysts that form from excess oils. I have them on my jawbone area in front of my ears. and to the side of my eyes. I want to see if making sure to take off makeup and water will help. 
I woke with a headache so I ate half of the Kind bar with medicine. I ate the other half after I walked. It has 200 calories so I didn't eat anything else. I always have the protein drink after my T25 workout. I am trying to get a lot of protein. You are supposed to eat your weight in grams of protein. No way I can do that, but with 30 grams this protein drink really helps me.

For lunch I had leftovers. Like I said, i need to get to the store. This is roast, roasted carrots that have EVOO on them cooked in oven, and rice with real butter. Really high carbs and not usual. 

For supper I had a taco salad.

I had Greek yogurt at 3 and a mini candy bar my husband brought from work. 

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