Monday, October 31, 2016

Cleaning schedule

7I've pretty well made a schedule I have been able to stick with to keep the house clean.

I have my AM chores I do every morning (except Sundays):
Make bed, pick up my bedroom, wipe bath, pick up bath, take clothes to laundry and put in a load, wipe half bath, wipe boys bath, pick up den, kitchen dishes, wipe counters, sweep main areas, spot mop any spots.
I've timed it and this take 30 minutes. If I don't do anything else my house is picked up and presentable for guests.

After my AM chores I break deeper cleaning down by days. These take about an hour except shopping day.

Monday- dust and vacuum house.
I take my duster on a stick and do the ceiling corner, fan, baseboards, blinds, lights, etc in one room. If I concentrate on one room deeper dusting it gets done every 2 months.
Every room gets dusted with a dusting cloth and vacuumed.
I then go back with my steam mop and do all the wood and tile floors.
If the area rugs need washing I wash them.
I wash the master sheets on Monday

I pay bills, file papers, shred papers, print and cut coupons, plan grocery shopping by sales, and take care of any calls or letters/cards I need to send.
I iron clothes.

shopping day. I take a cooler and market bags and make a round to stores getting sales.
Clean out refrigerator and gather all trash.

Prep or organization day
I prep food and freeze, can food, or separate meats and other items.
If a cabinet or drawer or area has gotten messy I can organize or deep clean an area.

Clean baths.

Yard work and clean car

Every afternoon about an hour before my husband gets home I do a quick pick up, make sure laundry is put away, and start supper.

I don't always get everything done every week, but by spot cleaning daily and breaking it up my house stays pretty clean and people can stop by.

I let the kids clean their room once a week. They wash their sheets.

I try to keep the microwave, oven, and stove clean by doing them as I am cooking or during my morning chore routine.

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