Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quirkiness Validated as Normal!

Just when I was feelin a little too quirky for letting y'all all in on my quirky personality traits in this post, it is confirmed that my beliefs about fairs and carnivals are justified and totally normal. I am not just antisocial to the old ladies with tatoos. I am right about the whisky drinkin carnival mechanics that are high school dropouts and runaways to the carnival. Check out this news story off of Fox news.

Florida carnival-goers made a daring rescue of a toddler Saturday night after it had been dangling from a ride after an apparent malfunction, reported.

The mother, who was not identified, desperately clung to her child while suspended about 35 feet in the air on the “Crazy Bus” ride while horrified onlookers watched. When she lost her grip, people standing below the ride were able to catch the toddler, reported. Later, firefighters rescued the mother with a ladder.

Neither the mother nor her child was significantly injured in the incident.

Witnesses said the mother and child were getting off the ride when it unexpectedly lifted back into the air, reported.

First, I know this happened in Florida. If you look at a map Florida and Alabama are very close. In fact, the Panhandle of Florida, where we used to live, is tucked up under Alabama. People call it LA for lower Alabama. So, the same guys that put together the rides in Florida move to Alabama next week for our fair. Can't you just see old Bubba down there holding up his whisky bottle to that poor mama shouting, "Let that baby go, Mama, I'll catch her." He has a mullet, tank top and dirty jeans, and a big ol chew in his mouth. Who is going to the fair now, huh? Just remember I warned ya. If you still go, tell Bubba hi. Here is a photo of him.

I wanted to see if there was a photo for this post and found these articles you might enjoy reading
Drunken dad drives off with kids hanging out the door.

I don't know how to post videos so check out this!

This is what Bubba, the amusement ride operator does when he visits MawMaw.


Tami said...

Girl, I am with you on those carnivals and fairs. We do not go near them. I am paranoid at Six Flags, I can't imagine letting my babies on a carnival ride. I missed your first post but now I'm all caught up. I'm having some computer issues so I'm having some issues when blogging. Hopefully, I'll be back soon.

fairy said...

This did not happen at a County or State Fair. This was one of those traveling outfits that give fairs a bad name. To find a Florida Fair visit