Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Break and Goals for October

We are on Fall Break this week. My son still has football practice daily and games on Monday and Friday so we are not able to go anywhere this year. I am going to use this week to finish some projects and weed through the house. The weather has been beautiful this week. It has been in the 70's to mid 80's.

My goals for the week are to weed out and prepare for a garage sale. I get back clothes in two weeks from the Kids Mart that do not sell, so I am planning on selling anything from that and whatever else I can find around. I already went through our computer CDs and got all the computer games and software. I am sick of clutter everywhere! Each day I need to go through one room and really organize it and look for stuff to get rid of.

My projects that I would like to do this week are:
.Finish painting a desk that we got at a garage sale
.Sew my media room pillows
.Paint the master bath
.Sew daughters curtains
.Sew Master bath curtains
.Hang shelves in office area
.Make memo boards for daughter
.Paint garage sale frames and mats
.Take photos of the kids
.antique the bookshelves in family room and light in kitchen

I already posted that I plan to not spend any money on food this week- but, I will use gift cards and store bucks for bread, milk, and butter. For the month I need to keep it at $500. I have spent around $600 the last two months. I need to build our stockpile so I really need to order coupons and start really kicking it up to find the deals.

Our electric bill should go down since it has been cooler.

I need to use this week of Fall Break to focus on starting an exercise program. I will do good for a few days then always let it fall aside. This is like the Fifth Christmas that I don't want to take a family photo to send out. I sent one of just the kids last year. Isn't that so sad? I wanta be in the family, too!

I am not spending any money at garage sales because I have enough projects. I plan to go to Kids Mart on the final week when everything is marked down. My boys only have one pair of jeans and my 10 year old does not have khaki church pants, so if I could find a couple of pairs of jeans and some khakis that would be great. My 12 year old needs some tops. I found her size 0 jeans and khakis at the thrift store. I paid $4.00 there, but size 0 pants are hard to find. I need a pair of black winter shoes, I broke the rules on Sunday and wore open toed shoes. I know! Labor Day has passed. My husband needs some work shoes. He has foot pain problems and has had surgery a few years ago. He has to have good quality shoes and has to replace them often. That will be our biggest expense. After I get all this we should be set for fall.

How about you? Do you have any goals for October? Wanna join me in trying to eat what you have this week? Wanna join me in finding 30 items to get rid of? What ways can you think of to streamline your home and make it easier to manage? If you would like to join in leave a comment.


Michelle said...

Hi Southern -
Seems we are like-minded about saving money. I have 6 kids and have a budget that would be tight for most much smaller families. I just started blogging about how we are trying to make ends meet. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Can't wait to read more of your stuff.
- Michelle in PA

SarahWhite said...

I've been reading your blog for several months now and love it. I'm in Bham and you've really inspired me to use the CVS Extra Buck program. I have a card...never use it though. I am on the same mission this week to use up everything I have for meals...AND...preparing for a yard sale myself. I hope to add 10 things a day to the pile this week.

Nice to meet you! :)