Friday, October 3, 2008

I am quirky, aren't your quirky? Don't you want to be quirky, too?

I was tagged by Julie and Marva to play this. I am sorry, girls, I am so bad at getting to these things. I am quirky about those things. HA, HA, HA!

Here's how to play.
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1. I can't stand fairs. I know it is the county fair time and everyone is always excited about them. When I go I just see weird. Weird people that have no teeth. OLD women with tatoos. People that look like they downed a bottle of the cheapest whisky they could find are the ones that assembled the rides. They then try to con you out of your money playing games for a dorky animal. Something about all the noise and blinking lights and unstructuredness of it all really freaks me out. But, if anyone wants to bring me a funnel cake or some cotton candy that is okay.

2.I can't stand the circus. I like the fair better than I like the circus. I have only been twice with my kids- and my oldest is 18. The first time my husband was in Europe visiting Budapest and Germany and London. I know! I met my mother in law and step father in law in Pensacola for the circus. It was horrible. The people just do not dress. Some of the acts were good but just not worth the heat and dirty rotten seats. The second time we went as a family in Niceville. Imagine sitting in the "we got free tickets and did not upgrade seats" seats over in the corner away from all the action. Then directly above our head is where the trapeze people climbed and stood. 13 year old son. Trapeze lady in a thong with skirt that flies above her thong. Look up. Booty. Booty still there. I am not looking. Oops, couldn't help it, had to see if it was still there. Try not to look at 13 year old son who looks like he is trying not to look up. We did use to go watch the people put up the tents when we lived in Niceville. The elephants would help. That was cool. They kept the naked ladies away that time of the morning.

3. I love to find deals. okay, I am glad to have found like minded sisters but I have friends that think garage sales are yucky and beneath us all. They do not get it that you find great stuff no matter how many items I show them. I like the feeling that I get when I find something cheaper.

4. I am stuggling here.... Um, wish my husband was here, I am sure he has a whole list of quirky. I have a really big sense of humor and can find funny in the most inappropriate places. When my mom died I was 17. At the funeral home for the wake I was standing with my best friend and people kept coming up to her and saying how sorry they were. I laughed my way through the wake and didn't bother to tell all the people that "hello- I am Holly"

5. I can't watch tv without figuring our who most of the people look like whether it be another star or an every day person that we know. If I know they look like someone but I can't put my mind on it, it will drive me crazy.

6. I rather enjoy tough times. I like to make due and figure out how to make it when it looks like you can't. I loved living in Mobile and Florida and having hurricanes. I love preparing for them and living without electricity. My husband was out of town when Niceville was hit by Hurricane Opal. I lived a week without electricity with two small kids and was pregnant. My MIL tried her best to get me to come to her house two hours away in Mobile. She cannot understand why anyone would live without electricity when you could have it. I had a gas stove people! All I had to do was go get ice for the cooler. We ate soup and raviolli. It was hot and bath started stinking but other than that it was no problem. We went though another hurricane near Katrina time. We lost electricity. My husband had brought home a huge generator from work. I could not let my kids miss hurricanes without losing electricity! It would have run most of our house. I let him hook up the freezer and refrigerator. Later we hooked up the tv so we could watch a movie. Other than that we made them sit in the heat and use flashlights and eat grilled canned food. That is unpioneering American to hook up to a generator and live like a rich person. I mean, if you have an oxygen tank or something, go right ahead, but you are really wimping out if you do.

Okay, I did it! I do like Disney and Six Flags and rides that are stationed and not put up and down by whisky drinkers each week. Now, Valerie isn't going to invite me to the tractor pull or what is it called where the cars crash into one another?

EDITED TO ADD- I meant stationary not that the rides are stationed. They aren't like guards or anything. Hey, whisky boys, the rides are watching you.

I am not going to tag anyone because I don't have time but if you would like to play just say I tagged you, okay?


blessedwith5 said...

I feel I know you a little more Dear Friend.

Dawn said...

Fun to get to know you a little better!