Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kohl's gifts/ Garden harvest

One of my friends gave me a Kohl's gift card for my birthday and then we received a $10 off a $10 Kohl's purchase card. So, today I finally got out to shop a little bit. I really wanted a beverage container at the beginning of the summer. The one I really liked was at Sams. It was clear glass so you could cut up lemons and make pretty pink lemonade and it looked so good. I saw this blue one at Kohls and they marked it down to $30 and I wanted it but it was still a little too high for me. I looked the last time I was in there to see if it was marked down and they were all gone- not really I just looked where they used to be not where they moved them to. Today, I found them. It was $14.99!!!! Now, I need some lemonade. Okay, with this purchase I have to say, "My name is Holly and I am a dish addict." There, got that out of the way. I really have a problem. I can prove it. I will link to my posts where I showed my dishes. Look at the bottom of this post to go to them. This set of seashell salt and pepper shakers were $1.99 and the seashell platter was $3.49.
Set of 12 rags(wash cloths) were $3.99. I really needed some more. The blue plate was $.99. I am trying to come up with plates to hang above the windows in my breakfast nook. We were in Michigan staying 8 weeks in a hotel while my husband worked many years ago. We had a little kitchenette and I asked the maid for a couple of extra rags for the kitchen. She left and was gone a long time. On her cart in the hall was rags, towels and everything. She finally came back and said she had looked everywhere and they didn't have any rags. I pointed to them on her cart and told her that is what I was asking for. It is funny how different areas have different names for things.
I picked all these tomatoes from my two plants today. Well, I got 4 cherry tomatoes off my patio plant, but the rest were off my two in the garden area. On Saturday, I pulled up my three squashes that were killed by vine borers. I replanted lima beans, pole beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce. I love growning my own stuff, it is so cool to eat what you grew. I grew up in the suburbs. My mom and dad had relatives in Mississippi that gave us peas, butterbeans, corn and stuff when we visited but I thought they were hicks and never really saw it grown. My uncle had cows but I never was around them either. We would run through the pasture between my two aunt and uncles houses and sometimes were chased by the bull. They also had a catfish pond and that was some good eating to have fried catfish with all the garden vegetables! My aunt and uncle from Pascagoula always brought shrimp to boil. Since my parents were divorced I only went at Christmas time. Before the divorce my family went every Sunday and all my dad
s 5 brothers and sisters came for lunch too and it was so nice. I was 5 when my parents divorced so after that it was never the same. I never felt like I had much family after that when you only see these people once a year.

To see all my dishes go here,here, and here.


Valarie said...

Its hard getting family together after divorces. At one point after my parents divorced and I had Jessie, I made the decision to stop having 3 seperate birthday parties. One for daddies side, one for mamas side, and one for Logans family. I would have one get together. If they wanted to come they could if they didn't they did not have to. Now we have mothers day with both my Mom and Step Mom and Fathers day with my Daddy and step-father.

chelle said...

Good purchase...I saw the one at Sams and like it too...a little too much for a fun item.

You are hicks because they grew their own veggies...I have cousins that are grown and still think like that. My dad plants a garden and my cousin wouldn't eat anything out of it...don't know where he thinks the grocery store gets their stuff!

Glad to see your garden is doing well...sometimes it's hard to get the soil just right...they look good!