Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Drive bys

The Inspired Room has posted all the drive bys around the country on her site today. Go visit each of the blogs that are linked on her site. Mine is here. I would like to add that I love to look at all the details of architecture and see how people add a pot of flowers or a wreath or a bench to make a home feel welcoming. While a lot of the homes I photographed are beautiful, I am so thankful for what God has given me. If you are in a small home, or even a trailer, or apartment you can still make it welcoming and beautiful. Not to impress everyone, but to create a place where you can enjoy being and relax. Also, a place where you can be comfortable. Can you imagine cleaning some of these big homes that are over 6000 square feet? I photographed a really small home in the historic district in. It is the yellow one with a full front porch. I don't think it is over 1500 square feet. It is so homey. Take what you have and improve it to it's full potential. Don't ever fall into the trap of waiting till you have more to entertain or decorate. You can find really great items at thrift stores and garage sales to add your personality to your home. I bought a robbins egg blue duck yesterday for our new room. I was looking for things in the blue color in the fabric and it just spoke to me. Not "Quack, quack" kind of speaking, but more like an item that adds an unexpected addition to the room to give it a unique personality.


Valarie said...

I really like all those pieces. I think they are gonna look great with what you are doing.

blessedwith5 said...

Decorating and redecorating can be as simple as changing around a room or moving accessories from one room to another. I can't wait to see everything finished.
I think we may have similar tastes in decorating!