Monday, June 2, 2008

Finding old friends again

On my tour of Madison someone left a comment. I try to visit the blogs of people who leave a comment so that I can see if I am attracting strange weird people or really cool cute preppy people. I got to the 2nd post back on the blog and she had posted a picture of her husband. I jumped in surprise because I knew him, but you know how there are twins in the world. Have you ever found someone who looks like you? I haven't found anyone so unique looking but have a lady that says her daughter's friend looks just like me. Weird thing number two... I was adopted and met my birth mother. She is from Batesville, Mississippi and guess where this girl is from? Yep. She has to be related. Okay, back to the original subject- I had to scan all the posts to validate that it was friends from our old church in Niceville. Yep, the couple and all TEN of their kids. They only had seven when they moved to California and she got pregnant. God gave them twins and another child after that. If anyone can handle all of them it is this sweet couple. They are so patient and calm. They moved away years ago and have now moved back and are living in Alabama not more that 2 hours from us. They are coming in town Wednesday so we are planning on getting together. Sad part of story. Back then I weighed 120 lbs. I had 3rd child and gained to about 125. They moved away and I gained more and more and more. Chocolate is so good, isn't it? She found my blog about 3 weeks ago and with reading it and seeing photo did not recognize me. Oh, she was very gracious, but I am so fat now it is like I am in a witness relocation program. Friends and family do not recognize me. I could be all aloof and walk right past people I knew in the old days and never speak. Old friends are like old worn in jeans. Comfortable and familiar. They are a reminder of a life long ago when we had the best church in the world. It was the people who all lived their lives together during the week letting kids play, doing crafts, sharing meals, laughing, studying God's word, praying with and for each other. We have a great church now, but life is busy for everyone and it is not the same. I am praying that God will grow us into that again. I am also praying about where I can serve to use my gifts and strengths to build up the body.


Marva said...

That is so great! Have fun!!!! Blessings!!!!

Valarie said...

That is neat that you found someone you know on here. :)

I think you look great by the way.

mommyofmany said...

You really are funny!

Please stop beating yourself up. Yes, we all need to take care of ourselves, but God is most concerned about what's inside us. (You know that.) I'm not happy about my size at the moment either. Somehow I suspect that tends to go with the aging process. You're a beautiful woman with much to offer. Your blog is a FUN place to visit! I enjoy what you share! So keep smiling your gorgeous smile, and keep reaching out to those around you. Be wise as you care for yourself, but know that God and others love you for who you really are.

BTW... the reason I didn't recognize you is because your hair was different. It had absolutely nothing to do with your size. As I looked through other posts, I saw a photo that looked like I remembered you... with that same beaming smile!

Hope it works out for us to sneak in a visit on our quick trip!

chelle's winks said...

That is so neat. Ya'll have fun and lighten up on yourself...(I do know what you mean though)