Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On the River

Buying a boat was the best thing we could have ever done for our family. We go out on the Tennessee River as often as we can. The kids are getting really good at knee boarding, skiing, tubing, and our newest purchase... wakeboarding.

Our newest game is what the kids call battle-tubing. We hook up two tubes and they try to knock the other one off their tube. They will jump from one to another while going and then fight. They have so much fun!

Ahhh, I am a summer girl at heart. I love all the seasons but summer is my favorite. I love the water.


Dawn said...

Be careful with the "tandom" tubing - we've known of 3 very serious accidents caused by riders colliding while doing this on the lake near us. (Knocked out teeth, one broken arm, and one fractured jaw/cheekbone that has required reconstructive surgery and months with a mouth wired shut.)

We love our boat, too, and feel the same. Plus, our summers are so hot that getting out on the lakes is about the only way to escape the heat.

Be blessed!

Southerner said...

wow, dawn! that'd be us in the hospital, too! They were doing one skiing and the other on a kneeboard at the same time. the one on the kneeboard has to duck down and go under the rope of the ski rope. Freaked me out.