Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can I have a bad day, please?

Today has just been horrible.

Seems that everything I touch falls apart.

It started by waking up to kids fighting through a bathroom door. One was getting ready for school and was taking the last little debbie. The other took it and ran upstairs and looked himself into the bath. Door banging and threats getting louder and louder and I knew I had to intervene.

I let my frustration and fear of leaving the kids alone stop me from going to exercise. I said I would do it later, after we finished school. I didn't.

Last night I was trying to change the settings to enlarge blog photos. I managed to totally delete my custom blog header and template. It is now converted back to the basic blogger template. Makes me sick.

The toilet quit flushing. I forgot about it yesterday so when I tried to flush it this morning I remembered. I was able to reattach the chain and get it working again.

When I turned on the washing machine water started leaking out of the front door. I let it sit most of the day and finally googled it to see if I could fix it. I cleaned the gunk off the inner seal and it is still leaking, but not too bad. I put a towel under it and just let it go.

All day my stomach has been hurting and upset. Somehow I have been glutened. Meaning, I have somehow gotten gluten in something I ate, which I cannot have. So bad upset that I had the kids walk to church across an extremely busy road.

So, today I've pretty much sat and tried to calm my tummy. I haven't cleaned. I haven't checked the kids schoolwork. I didn't cook supper. I have vegged and slightly complained :) I guess I can earn an occasional day like this, but it sure doesn't help me reach my goals. I looked on Pinterest and this is what stuck with me this evening.

I am trying to learn to get up and go even when I don't feel like it. Even when it's cold. Even when it's hot. Even when I have a busy day and a late start. Even when I am a little under the weather. I may have to modify my workout, but a 10 minute walk always makes me feel better than doing nothing. These old habits are hard to break.

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