Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

We pulled a Rubbermaid box down from the attic to sort through it. It contained old clothing items that I have made over the years. It was like walking in the past seeing them again and smelling them. I made the above for Caitlyn's 50's birthday party. She had a black cardigan with a monogrammed "C" on it.

This is my first cheer leading uniform. I was 8 when I wore it. Both my girls played in it when they were near that age.

I have wondered where this is. It is a sheet that I have traced the kids hands on each year on their birthday. I put the date and name of the child. I planned to embroidery each one in bright colors and use it each birthday. We have missed many years but still have a lot from the first few years. I think we will start this back up and just keep adding to it. Maybe one day it will have grand kids on it.

If you look closely you will see the pencil drawing of their hands waiting to be embroidered.

Cameron's first Easter romper. I did a shadow embroidery collar for it.
Blurry, sorry. This was Caitlyn's dress and Ashley had a matching dress that was even more blurrier. Ashley's dress was geometric smocking, not the "ABC" pattern.
I made these two on commission from a friend. She paid me, in other words. She chose the fabric and told me to smock what I wanted on them. Then, she handed them down to another friend. Then, that friend handed them down to me for Caitlyn to wear.

Caitlyn's Christmas dress. I made a matching dress for her American Girl doll.

Ashley's Easter dress when she was about 6 or 7.

Caitlyn's dress. Birdhouses were very popular that year.

Caitlyn's Easter dress.

Two bishops. The pink does not have the neck binding yet.

Three bishops. Two need neck bindings and to be hemmed. I have 9 bishops that I was in the process of making to sell that are either complete or almost complete. I decided not to try to do a business when I got pregnant again. I had a 3 year old and a 21 month old, so it was all put aside.

Cameron's Christmas outfit when he was 11 months old in 1994. Hence the style- 90's. I know, but it really was in style then.

Ashley's Easter dress when she was around 4 or 5. I butted each of those narrow lace strips together and you zig zag them together with a tiny stitch. Never again! I actually called the pattern writer in Birmingham to ask a question because the pattern wasn't clear. Her name was on the pattern so I called information to find her number and got her HOME phone number. I could be a detective. I bet she hated me, but I had gone to buy the material and lace and it ended up costing $75- back in 1994/1995. My husband was already hyperventilating, so I had to make the dress after that, I could not let it defeat me.

I made this for Caitlyn for beach photos. Ashley had a matching dress but in a different style.

The front is has embroidery. You can barely see my custom tags that say "Heirlooms by Holly"

Ashley's 4th birthday dress. It had a wide sash. I did shadow embroidery on the collar.

Caitlyn's Easter dress. I made a matching dress for Kit, the American Girl doll that she had.

Some unfinished smocked socks.

A baby pillow with shadow embroidery on the edge.

Unfinished purses for little girls.

Smocked inserts for little boy rompers.

Baby bonnets.


Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Did you do all that smoking? It's absolutely beautiful, very talented.

come visit-cindy2stitches

Dawn said...

Wow! You are one incredibly talented seamstress! And I wish you were my friend IRL - boy, would I have some jobs for you. Ha!

Southerner said...

Thank you Cindy and Dawn. Cindy, yes, I did do the smocking. No one wants it anymore, I guess I have to wait till grandbabies arrive.

Tracye said...


I think it's just about the most adorable stuff ever!

You are super, super talented.

Are you looking to sell any of these things? If so, how much would you charge?

I have a fat little baby boy who's five months old; one SIL is due with a boy on Thanksgiving Day; one SIL is due with a girl on Christmas Day.

You do gorgeous work.