Thursday, October 8, 2009

Linen Closet Before and After

I pretty much ignore this bath. The kids clean it. They use it. I don't enter. I opened the door to the linen closet and about fell over. Please tell me that this is life at your house too. If not, please just say Bless My Heart and don't leave me ugly comments.
The kids have towels with their name embroidered on them. They are not supposed to use any towel that isn't that one. Three were neatly folded at the bottom of this pile. So, I removed 2 comforters that we no longer use. Caitlyn got a queen size bed and there were still three sets of sheets in here. I also took out about 15 towels that we are placing in the garage for washing the dog, cleaning messes, whatever.

Aah, better. Still ugly blue-green from previous owner. We have not updated this bath yet, but will eventually lay tile and remove wallpaper and paint. Can't wait for that. Yes, I can.

Now on to the boys room. Pray for me.


Sherri S said...

Bless your heart! YES this is exactly life at my house. 2 kids, single working mom and I just shut their bedroom door! Now I am down to one teen in the home as my son is out on his own. She is still a mess! Funny thing, when she goes into cleaning mode..which is RARE she can organize, clean and decorate like the best of them! She just doesn't stay at it. So there is HOPE that one day it will 'stick'. LOL

Dawn said...

Well, my first thought was, "Hey, how'd she get a picture of MY linen closet???" Yes, when you have one that the kids "control" it's bound to look like that eventually. It's on my short list of fall projects, too.

Bless your heart, too! LOL