Friday, June 5, 2009

Using Google Reader to read posts faster

I have all the blogs that I look at in my Reader. I used to click on each one, wait for it to load, then read the portion of their blog that I have not read. It takes a few seconds to load because it is loading their whole blog, even though all you need is the newest post. Well, I finally figured out if you select "All Items" it will load all the new posts from each of your subscriptions. It loads faster since it is only having to pull the new posts from each one. I then can roll down and read blog posts. If I have one that has content that I want to look at later such as the store coupon deals or a recipe that looks good I select the "share" box at the bottom of the post. I then later go to the Share folder and make my grocery list or copy the recipe to file. I then select "unshare" to erase it from the Share folder.

All this speeds up the time that I am able to read blogs in my Reader by a lot of time. And, a little hint. I really hate when bloggers have selected not to show their whole post in Reader, but are only showing the title or first paragraph. If they do not pull me in with the title I rarely click through to the full post. I just do not have time to do that. I need it all to be easily accessible. I wonder how many people are like me and do not click through.


Jennylou's Projects said...

I use google reader as well. But, I use it a bit different than you. First of all, I use the star button, rather than share if it's something I want to come back to look at. I use the share button to share with other people (I only know a few others using google reader, but I don't want to clutter their pages, kwim?). Anyways, how I read them is to sort the various blogs into folders. The folder will be bolded with a number - the number of new posts. The new posts will all be at the top of the folder. I have my folders titled things like "parenting", "crafts and sewing", "finance blogs", "decorating blogs", "friends and family", etc. It doesn't load the whole blog this way, rather than just the new posts.

But, I agree, I love google reader! Those who only show their first few lines have got to really grab me in order for me to click over. I understand the reasoning. Some do it to get the clicks on their blog, especially those who are offering advertising, but I simply don't have time to go to each blog that I think is interesting unless I want to comment on something. :)

momstheword said...

I use my reader too but am not really familiar with the share button, etc.

How does my blog show on there (if it's in there)? I didn't even know you could select to show just a line or two. I hope my whole blog shows!

Southerner said...

Moms- your's shows the whole post. There is a box you select in the set up page that lets you choose to show your whole post or just a portion. I am like Jennylou and think people choose the partial because you are forced to click through to the person's page or blog to read it all. I think it is a way to get your traffic up if you are getting money to blog per your traffic count.

EVERYONE,I am not saying mine is the best way. I just found buttons to push to make things easier for me. I love Jennylou's ideas and may add folders. I am like a computer dunce, wearing the pointed cap and sitting in the corner. I surely need lots of tips and advice. I was just sharing what I found. I don't even know how to share using the share button. I share with myself. I could probably star with myself, too. Don't know what star is. Oh well, it works.