Thursday, June 4, 2009

My new travel bag

We are planning a trip to California next month. I will be traveling seperately from my husband so I do not want to check baggage. One, I don't want the hassle of baggage claim in LA and second, I don't want them to lose my bag. I was at TJMaxx and found this bag to take. It is big enough to pack a couple of extra outfits AND most importantly, it matches my purse. It has the same color green as my purse, although it doesn't show well in this photo. I also bought a new wallet to try.

My bag has three large compartments with interior zippers and three exterior pockets.

up close photo of my new wallet. Not sure if it is big enough- I need to fill it and check it out first.

And my feel guilty purchase, new tennis shoes. I just bought some Sketchers about two months ago, but they have no cushioning. They were the look cute low profile style and after walking my ankle and back of my ankle hurt. These Nikes are for running, which I hope to progress to a slow jog. They have an air thingy in the heel.


Leslie said...

Your new bag is cute, I really like the pattern. I always travel with a ton of stuff no matter how much I try to cut back. There must be an art to packing light. Have a great time!

Rochelle said...

I love the new bag and wallet! Pretty colors.

kimmcl said...

Those are adorable! I love the bag and the wallet is so bright and pretty!

jennifer said...

I. LOVE. ALL. THREE. What a gorgeous look!