Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ah, to be thirteen again!

June 19th is Caitlyn's thirteenth birthday. She is leaving in the morning for a church weekend away so we gave her presents to her tonight. Candy from brother number 2. More candy from brother number 3.
A card from mom and dad with what looks like $100.00, which is the normal thirteenth birthday gift. Open the card and look in the inside envelope. Wait, the phone is ringing. Dad just held his up and said it isn't his. Just look at her expression when she realized.

She was hyperventalating she was so excited. Her own cell phone, which we said would only come when you turn sixteen. But, we decided to turn off our home phone and fulfill her biggest wish, and take possession of MY phone back, by giving her a phone.

She loves it. Now, the letter said they can't take cell phones for the weekend. She is going to have leave it behind. She is probably sleeping with it and has named it Toni the Phoney. I guess I will have to babysit it while she is away.


Dawn said...

Kat rec'd her phone last fall for her 13th and we had very similar reactions.

It's hard to believe when they reach that milestone birthday, isn't it?

Happy Birthday, Caitlyn!

Blessings upon you all!!!

Southerner said...

I am feeling old, Dawn. Inside doesn't match with my heavy eyelids and wrinkles. I need to start putting away money for some surgery:)

smilernpb said...

Ah how sweet. Hope she has a great day. Love the posing pics with the phone!

Hope all is well with you?


Tami said...

Love love love her expressions. Isn't that just pure joy! Oh to be a teenager. I miss it. Love the little dress and curtains. I've been doing some sewing myself. I've been making pillow case dresses and repurposing tshirts. I will have to do a post and show my stuff off a little bit too.