Friday, June 19, 2009


I feel like my every post has been about where we have been as a family. It seems like we have had a lot of activities lately. I have tried to find little snippets of time to sew and am planning projects to do. My niece has a little girl that will turn 2 next month. I made her a reversible dress and am making some pink bloomers to go with it. I haven't made the buttonholes yet.

This is the reverse side of the same dress above.

This is the back. It looks so cute on the little ones, with all their little fat arms sticking out.

I am going to make one for my other niece's daughter. I am using this fabric.

I found two new in package white panels at the thrift store. They were from Target. I am going to cut each panel and make four valances for the camper. I have alot of ribbons, some yo-yos, and some crochet flowers that I could use.

I am not sure. I will have to just play with them. My sewing area is a mess from me sewing.


Anonymous said...

The ribbon that is green with the white dots after all the camper is for the entire family not just the girls. Anyways that is my vote if I get a vote- LOL

So glad to see daughter so happy over her cell! Now watch out for that bill!!!

First time I got a bill that was almost $400 the cell phone went in the trash seriously sent it to the dump to be trash compacted!
Contract was in the ex's name so I didn't care I was not going to pay $400 per month for a cell phone.

Julie said...

Cute little dresses . . . I am sure your little niece will be thrilled!

The curtains will be cute too!

Southerner said...

Anon- Oh my goodness, I would have a heart attack with a $400 bill- my kids would be, um... dead. We have a certain amount of minutes that we all share (4 phones now) The two teens that are 16 and almost 19 pay $30 a month for unlimited texting, which is all they do. We can call each other and any phone on ATT for free. The texting they pay for goes to all of our phones, so that is what my 13 year old will be doing. They cannot text after 9 during the week and 10 on weekends. We can check their texts at any moment. If there is ever anything questionable it is gone, no debate.

April said...

very cute outfits!