Monday, February 9, 2009

My Hubby and Me

I was going through photos and found this one of my husband and me taken five years ago on our anniversary. I like this photo. We went to Baytowne Wharf for dinner at the ACME restaurant. The Wharf is on the Chattahoochie Sound in SanDestin, Florida. It has shops that are like a village in Europe with outdoor eating in little hidden gardens. I love to go there. You can either drive around the water and park in a garage outside the shopping area or park upon entering the community and take a ferry across the water to the village. We took the ferry that night. The ACME restaruant is a replica of the ACME Oyster House in New Orleans. They have a marinade that comes on grilled chicken, shrimp, or fish and it is so good. It comes with sweet potato fries that I love. We always ate outside on the street. At night it is lit up with lights and has a Mardi Gras theme. I like to watch the people go by. You can just pretend you are in Italy or France since we can't afford to really go there. There are so many Italians in Destin on holiday that you can even get the feel just listening to them talk.

The skirt above is my one and only Lilly Pulitzer skirt, but I do have some shorts also that I got at a thrift store. If you are not familiar with her she was a socialite who moved to Florida with her husband. She had orange groves surrounding her estate. She was bored so she opened a juice stand. She was getting juice on her clothes so she asked her seamstress to make some smock dresses with a print to hide the juice stains. The dresses became so popular that Jackie O wore them. She hides her signature in her fabric to make it fun to try to find it. Her line is resort clothing with fun colorful prints. I love her stuff but it is very pricey. My good friend has a sister that owns a boutique in Lexington, KY and she sends her boxes of clothes each season that did not sell. The skirt is one of the items that did not fit my friend so I was able to get it, how lucky was I?


Marva said...

Great picture! Sounds like you had a really nice time! Blessings and Happy Monday!

Valarie Lea said...

Awww yall look so cute!!!