Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 2/9/09

I really need to go through my freezers and organize them and eat up some of the food so I am going to try to do that this week and am planning my menu on what I already have on hand. I am planning a shopping trip later today to try to catch some of the sales, but that is because it is addicting to get the free or almost free stuff! Check out more menu plans at An organized Junkie.


egg and ham cups

ham sandwich, carrots

shephards pie with sweet potato topping



black bean soup

shrimp scampi, salad


scrambled egg and 1 slice toast

tuna sandwich, carrots

smoked sausage in pasta salad

Thursday (we have friends coming )


black bean soup

parmesean chicken, salad


egg and grits


lentil burritos



leftovers or sandwiches

Banquet at church- pecan crusted pork loin

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Marva said...

Sounds great! Thanks for sharing! I have got to try that black bean soup. I looked at the recipe again this morning and it looks delicious.

Have a great day! Blessings!