Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Transaction 1:
energy shot $4.99- $3 ECB to pay and $2.15 out of pocket/ earned $4.99 ECB
(Who would put this into their body? This is definitely a garage sale item- I had three last year that were free and they sold quickly)

Transaction 2:
Earinse solution $7.99- $4.99 ECB from 1st transaction and $3.24 OOP/ earned $7.99 ECB

I am having to rebuild my ECBs so that my out of pocket cost is not much. To do this you need to pay for small items with a little out of pocket cost and keep rolling your ECBs that you earn to pay for the next transaction. If you look at the above I had $3 ECB when I walked in the store. I left with $7.99 which is an increase of $4.99 in ECBs. I paid out of pocket $5.39 so in essence paid $.40 to get my ECB stash going again-($5.39-$4.99.) I now will just take it slow and I will not spend a lot out of pocket and continue to increase the amount of ECBs. When you really earn is when an item is offered where you pay for it and earn all the amount you paid (minus tax) and then use a manufacturer coupon during purchase. You then still earn the full value in ECBs.

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