Thursday, January 1, 2009

It is 2009- WHAT!

My goodness, I can't believe it is already the start of a new year! I am still not feeling great, but better. I just can't actually move without coughing and choking myself, but other than that I am fine. We did a lot today, though. I finally got a hammer and screws and a level in my husband's hands and made him hang things. We hung 3 shelves in my new office nook and 3 pictures. Then, we hung two shadow boxes on the wall near my bed. I am going to put stuff in them later, but for now they have the faux printed scene in them. He then hung 3 shelves in the upper hall to set photos on. They are black so I am going to do all black and white frames. I have some to paint and will add to it. I will have to take photos in the next week but now is not good for me, alright?

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? I never really make resolutions but am a goal and list maker so do have some...

  • Be consistent in my daily Bible study. I am working on a schedule to try to find that consistant time to exercise and study. If I do not make it happen first thing the day gets away and I do not do it.
  • Exercise every day. I have the worst time with this. Why is it always hot, or cold, or raining, or too pretty to waste exercising? Trying to find time where the kids aren't looking and laughing at me and when husband is not getting ready for work is difficult. I really have no excuse. I just need to discipline myself to do it each day no matter what the weather is like. I can't put it off. I can't rely on my feeling like doing it- I have to do it in spite of how I feel. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow, right?
  • I am going to keep our grocery budget( with cleaning, beauty, and paper products) at $500.00 a month this year. I could actually reduce it, but am going to keep it there and really work on stocking up more.
  • Use my crock pot once a week.
  • Make homemade tortillas, bread, English muffins, bagels, and hot pockets.
  • At least once a month have two couples over. Invite people to lunch after Bible Study.
  • Finish all the smocked outfits and purses I have had sitting for - it is none of your business how long!
  • Order non-hybrid seeds so that I will be able to save seeds each year to replant. Add 8 raised beds. Add 2 rain barrels.
  • Make gifts this year. Actually remember to mail birthday and Christmas cards.
  • Finish kitchen -cabinets and counter and new light fixtures; master bath-paint; and kids bath- tile floor, paint cabinet, remove wallpaper and paint.
  • Stick with my cleaning schedule to keep house running and straight each day.
  • Find fun things to do on weekends as a family: festivals, nature trails, historical events, parks, museums, fishing, etc. Stop sitting in front of the tv so much. Get out and play or play cards or board games with them. Or craft (will have to use much restraint to craft with them!)
  • Work on training the kids in their attitudes with one another. Consistently following through with what I said and not allowing puppy dog faces to win any battles.
  • Work on training the kids to work without ANY reminders. We have a list and they know what their job for the day is. I need to enforce them doing all their work and doing it well.
  • Cut out all the white sugar. Try new recipes and eat so that I feel better, not the chocolate induced euphoria state, the I FEEL GOOD feeling when you aren't pumped with sugar, when fruits taste good again, when you have energy again. I want this to be the year I lose the weight. I don't want to waste another year where I am.

That is all for now. I am starting Monday to exercise and eat to lose. If anyone wants to join I am going to post on my other blog Bustin the Big Booty. Just ignore the other posts that say I am finally doing it again, then I am finally doing it again, then another one saying I am doing it again. My goal is to track weight loss and post recipes and kind of journal through trying to do it AGAIN.

I want to thank each of you that read my blog for the past almost year. I have really made some great friends that have truly encouraged me. So, are you the same friends that will be a good enough friend to say I am not doing what I said? Are you going to challenge me to aim for a higher goal? Will you be like iron sharpening iron to me? I like that kind of friend even when it hurts a little. God bless each of you in the coming year. May we walk this journey together and inspire one another to create homes full of love and make each day special.


Marva said...

Great post! I love all of the goals.

One question that $500 for the whole year, per month or per week? Knowing you it is not per week. Just curious and excuse my ignorance.

Many blessings for a great new year!

Southerner said...

Marva- that is for the year. JUST JOKING! It is per month. Have you seen Jane 4 Girls on $800.00 a Year? She is awesome! She fed her three daughters and herself on $800 this past year.

Lorie said...

let's do it!! I like the idea of making my favorite recipes better for us!
Feel better soona nd maybe we can get together!
Happy new Healthy year to us!

Michelle said...

I have the same goal of $500 per month for groceries and personal items, it would be fun to do a recipe exchange and/or coupon exchange. Have a great year!

Christy said...

You didn't skimp on the goals! I have yet to think out what I'd like to accomplish. OK, that's a lie - I think about it all the time, but I don't write it down 'cause then I'd be that much closer to having to follow through with them. I'll check out your other site soon.

Becc said...

I love that they are Goal not Resolutions. We do the same thing. I like the monthly grocery idea better. We do $110 per week. I think I'll do an envelope and if we go OVER or UNDER when it's Gone ITS GONE.
Happy New Year!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh - I know I need to sit down and come up with an exact plan for '09. Many of yours are mine.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

oh, and what is the link to Jane 4 girls...can you comment with it on my blog. I want to actually see someone who fed their family on dollars a week? Amazing! She doesn't have my boys, that's for sure. :)