Friday, January 2, 2009

Garden Bliss

I am stealing this from Mias Landliv's blog. She has posted more photos of her garden on the link. She lives in Norway. I don't know how I found her blog but have been following for months now. She has inspiration gardens for me so I added her to my reader. This is what I want. Right out the back door behind our deck and pond I want to have raised beds. When we moved in that area was surrounded by a fence with an arbor but the fencing was rotting so we are pulling it all down. I don't think we want to invest in replacing the fence right now because we need to add fencing around the exterior of our lot, but eventually I want to refence the area and build a new arbor. To the right of the house is where I planted two raised beds last year. I want to add two beds there and then have a big corn area. I want to plant fruit trees and berry bushes and try to produce as much as we can.

This is the fencing before we removed it. It is not the style I would choose, but I love the concept and having that area of the yard enclosed for an outdoor room feeling. Our yard does not stop at the fence it extends back behind where we were standing to take the photo. It is about a half acre and wooded on the rear side.
See how the arbor is falling apart? We have not removed the lattice part of the fence and arbor yet, just the solid wood on the sides. We had roses that climb on the lattice and were waiting until it was not blooming so I can cut it back and dig up the bushes and replant later. BTW- the fireplace chimney was replaced before we moved in. These photos were taken when we came to look at the house and made an offer. I love love love the arbor. Birds are almost always on it. They just sit there, especially in the morning. You can watch squirrels come and try to sneak up on them. The bay is our kitchen nook and to the right is our family room so you have a constant view of watching the birds. Not that I am like a bird lady or anything. They don't come sit on my shoulder.

I HATE PINESTRAW!!!! Son really hates pinestraw. If you need pinestraw you know where to go.

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I wonder if you could sell pinestraw????