Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do You Know What Day It Is?

I am asking my husband. Do you remember what happened 24 years ago today? This guy...... picked up this girl in his blue Camaro.
They went on their first date.

They drove to the movies and saw Beverly Hills Cop. (I don't recommend a repeat of watching that movie- we have tried and lots of cussing)

They met the week before at the mall. She was standing there talking to friends from school and saw four guys walking towards her. The boys were staring so she decided to flirt and flip her mullet tail and say, "Hey" in her sweetest, flirtiest voice. The boys stopped to talk. Later with two boys left and the girl and her friend went to McDonalds and ate. Boy got girls phone number and called the next morning and asked her out. And twenty four years later they live happily(right?) everafter.

The photo is the exact outfit girl was wearing when we met. She had the 80's mullet. He had a little longer hair than the photo. He had just received his Camaro for his birthday (Dec 16th), Christmas, and an early graduation present. Boy would not let girl put feet on dash. Boy was obsessed with his car. Very grumpy if you had mud on your shoes.

Girl waiting on special anniversary of first date gift.


Becc said...

You are SO sweet!
I love this story. Ahhh...

Valarie Lea said...

Who would have ever thought with just a flip of a mullet, your life would change forever! :)

Marva said...

Great story! Even better that it happened to you! How wonderful and what a great anniversary you shared with us!

Happy New Year and Blessings!

Christy said...

WoW, Girl has great memory! I don't remember what I was wearing when I went out with Dwight. He had a Transam he was obsessed with.

Diana said...

Your post brought back memories! My hubby had a Camaro as well when we first met. Brown with a white top. We met in highschool as well. Happily married for 22 years now :)