Friday, January 2, 2009

Deacons and wives party

We had 7 other couples that were able to make it to the get together. We have just elected 6 new deacons, with my husband being one of them, so we wanted to have a get together so everyone could get to know one another. With two services it is hard to meet everyone and there were three couples that I did not know. These are jalapeno peppers filled with pineapple cream cheese. My husband did not use gloves when seeding the peppers and highly recommends that in the future anyone wear gloves. He soaked his hands in milk, coke, put on aloa plant, lemon juice, dish soap and still was sitting around crying that his hands hurt. I thought it was a really bad excuse to keep out of cleaning for the party.
Don't know why the shutter stayed open- it made a blurry photo. Maybe it is because the light was overhead??? Anyway, I made a chocolate chip cheesecake.

I made punch (recipe below) and served chips and salsa because I got the Pace salsa so cheap this past week. It is not my favorite salsa so I served it to guests. I wanted to make Valarie's buffalo chicken dip but just am totally not up to speed still coughing and rundown. I can't wait to try it. Here is a link to Valarie's Buffalo Chicken Dip. Hey, Valarie, you can make it for me, okay?

Lots and lots of food.

My punch bowl belonged to my mom. She was the church secretary and pianist and also sang solos for church and weddings. When she got married the church really blessed her with a lot of gifts. The church gave her this punch bowl- probably because she did all the parties. It is so pretty. I have added cups that I pick up at garage sale because I only had around 12 and always needed more. I think I have about 24 now. They do not have to match, people. I am a funny entertainer. I have crystal and silver and china and nice things. I use them but don't like it to be all fussy and formal. I would rather use real glasses and plates and forks over plastic, nothing at all wrong if that is not your style of entertaining. But, I want you to feel comfortable, not like you have to act formal or be careful with anything. Does that make sense? I guess it is like I feel like a little girl playing party, I love it. I like to get it all out and use it. I don't want things sitting in boxes or cabinets unloved. Love your table accesories, people!

This is what the kids did- watched a movie. Cody came over. He is one of the boys that used to live at our home and seriously DAILY came over for over 6 months. He had a girlfriend so he disappeared for awhile. They recently broke up and my daughter broke up with her boyfriend a couple of months ago so they just hang out- nothing boyfriend girlfriend going on, he is just an adopted kid.


:) said...

I love how you never mention our names, but Cody; hey, go right ahead! ;)

Southerner said...

That's because I don't want some weirdo to figure out where we live and come convince my kids that they know them and steal them- but Cody isn't mine so he is fair game.

:)'s Mom