Monday, December 8, 2008

Walmart 12/8/08

An unfrugal shopping trip- just getting some things we needed.
Package boneless skinless chicken breasts $7.47
hot chocolate $1.50
marshmallows $1.08
eggs $1.48
pretzels $1.18
velveeta cheese $3.50 (to make broccoli cheese soup with this broccoli)
72 slices American cheese $7.78 (we will eat this in a month)
butter $2.50
Hillshire smoked sausage $2.50 ( barely made the photo- I am making red beans and rice)
Total $34.23- GOLLY! This is why I don't like Walmart- I spend more there than anywhere.

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Connie said...

Yea!! and you still like you came away with nothing. It's a TRAP I tell you. I was going through my coupons yesterday and as I was clipping, I was asking myself, WWHD? What Would Holly Do, and how does she organize all of this stuff. Whew, way overwhelming.