Monday, December 8, 2008

Publix 12/8/08

6 Ragu $1.20 each - 1 $.25 coupon doubled
4 cake mixes $.84 each
Revlon nail clippers $1.50 - $1.50 Q out of Holiday booklet found at entrance (it is a $2 coupon adjusted down to the price of the item)= Free
Orville popcorn $.01 - weekly penny item*
Total $10.52

This was just a pick up without many coupons. I drove to three Publix stores looking for the Prince Caspian movie. Everyone is out of it so I got a raincheck at the last store. The $5 coupon is in the Holiday booklet at the entrance. See the deal on movies here. It does not have to Prince Caspian, just a Disney movie. I went ahead and picked up some of the sale items so I could use the penny item coupon.

*Each Sunday in the Publix add there is a coupon for a mystery item that is $.01. The coupon is only good on Sunday and Monday with an additional $10 purchase. If you notice I spent $10.52. I was just getting what I had to so that I could get the penny item- the popcorn.

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