Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Limit deal at CVS higher

CVS is offering Complete Multi Purpose contact solution in the 12 oz size for $8.99, then you get back $8.99 in Extra Care Bucks. It states that there is a limit of 1 but as reported on Hot Coupon World the limit is really 5. In order to check to make sure your area is allowing 5 in the deal buy one. At the bottom of the receipt it will tell you "Item limit reached" if you have reached the limit. If it says "Quantity needed to earn this reward-1" you can still do it again. The "1" does not mean you can only do it one more time it means that you only need one item to receive the ECBs- sometimes you have to purchase two or five of an item to receive the ECBs.

You can use the ECB earned from your first bottle bought to pay for the second bottle and so on. You will not even owe tax. If you are new to CVS and do not have ECBs built up to pay for the first bottle you will pay $8.99 to get started but could end up with 5 bottles of solution for your initial $8.99 investment. You are then on your way to rolling ECBs. Next week you use the ECBs to buy what is offered that week. If you do small transactions you can work it where you always pay with ECBs and little out of pocket.

CVS many times through the year will state in advertising that it is a limit of one and then really have a limit of three or five. Always look at the bottom of the receipt to find out.

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