Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Buy now, get money later

Nickelodeon is running a contest for a $500.00 Walmart gift card. They want our best holiday money saving tips. My tip is to buy the items you want to purchase like a Wii system, Ipods, etc. now. Those items go fast and if you wait too long you will have to chase around town searching, ending up willing to pay more when you finally find one so that you can stop searching. Buy those items early. Save your receipt. If the item later goes on sale most stores will adjust the price if you show them your receipt. If not, you can return the item and repurchase it at the discounted price. Some stores will even adjust their Black Friday prices with your receipt if you go back in on that date.
If you are shopping at an electronics store that has an online store always check their online prices. Many times it is cheaper online and they will match that price in the store. Check for coupon codes to see if it is cheaper to order online with free shipping or special percentages off the price. Search online so that you know what features you need so your are not talked into paying more for additional features you do not need. You win when you are an informed consumer. If you search online you can also find customer comments about the products and consumer reports comments so that you can weigh in the pros and cons of certain features.
If you would like to enter or see more ideas visit Being Frugal.


Marva said...

Great tip Holly! good luck in the contest.

Thanks for the invite but I guess i had better go to church. We are having our ground breaking for our new buliding that morning and our county wide Thanksgiving dinner for the hungry that afternoon.

It would be fun though!;) You girls have a great time. Could we get together maybe the second week of December? Just let me know.


Michelle said...

Great tips!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marcy said...

Thanks for the link! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!