Friday, October 3, 2008

Walgreens 10/3/08

I had two Register Rewards for $10.00 each from the Dimetapp deal that I needed to use before they expired.
Transaction 1:
Oral B toothbrush $4.49- $.75 MQ
Remmel foundation $7.49-$1.00 MQ
Used $10 Reg Reward
Total OOP $1.19
Earned $4.50 Reg Reward
Transaction @:
Oral B Toothbrush $4.49- $.75 MQ
Duracell 9V battery $2.99 7 day store coupon
(2) Dominos 5# sugar $1.99 each with 7 day store coupon
Used $10 Reg Reward
Total OOP $1.63
Earned $4.50 Reg Reward

Transaction 3:
Gilette Fusion Power razor $8.99-$4.00 MQ
Used $4.50 Reg Reward from 1st transaction
Earned $4.00 Reg Reward

Transaction 4:
Oral B toothbrush $4.49- $.75 MQ
Envelopes $.50 7 day store coupon
Used $4.00 Reg Rew from Gillette deal
OOP $.64
Earned $4.50 Reg Reward

In total I spent $4.67 for everything. I went in with $20 Reg Rewards and came home with $9.00 in Reg Rewards. I have $7.49 in rebate items.

I am a Drugstore Diva- are you? Well, go leave a link to your great bargains for this week!


Tracye said...

Hey Holly,

They have their $5 off of $20 purchase coupon good for today and tomorrow, too!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Yea for you. Did you read about Kmart having double coupons up to $2...I will be trying to make my rounds tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Please elaborate on register rewards. :) I just went to KMart on the web and if you sign up for emails you get 2 $5 coupons. So...go sign up. Thanks for the info. I'm a southerner also and love reading your blog.


Southerner said...

Anonymous- I am sorry, I didn't see this comment. At Walgreens they run different promotions each month where when you buy certain products a coupon will print out after your purchase that you use on your next purchase. Some are for specific items and a coupon but most are $3.00 off your next purchase(or whatever amount) The main thing is that if you earned the Register Reward for buying Nabisco products you cannot use it to pay for the same deal to earn another Register Reward. You can pay with it but cannot do the same deal again. You can use a Reg Reward from a Quattro razor deal to do a purchase of the Nabisco deal and earn another Reg reward. Most Reg rewards say that you can only use one per transaction, but some do not so you can pay with two Reg Rewards. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.