Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to pierce your ears with a pear

The top two google searches that are leading people to my blog lately have been from my post How to pierce your ear with no pain and my post where I shared how I made pear preserves. Apparently, there are a lot of people who don't want to pay for the earrings so they can get free piercing from someone with a gun and experience. And, pears must grow on trees because people sure have so many they need to preserve them. But, today the looker for "how to pierce your ear with a pear" search just downright tickled me. I did warn you here that I have a silly sense of humor. I wonder if they hurt themselves with the pear hitting themselves in the ear trying to make a hole. I guess if you could do it to someone else it would be better. I personally would have chosen a pineapple.


Tami said...

How do you see what people are searching for? I cannot figure it out. I am beginning to heart Walgreen's. Finally figuring them out since they moved to town. And right now they Have a lot better deals than CVS

Southerner said...

Tami- I am assuming that you have a Site Reader on your blog. If you don't, you have to install one. If you have site reader you go to "referrals" and it will tell you where the people came from to your site. If they came by a google search for something it will show up as google with a bunch of letters. If you highlight it you will see the search words or you can click it to take you to that google page and see in the search box what they typed.

If this does not help let me know, I am like a computer dummy. Maybe I should write a book:)

Valarie said...

The other day my niece who is like 6 months younger than Jessie pierced her own nose. Rebelion at its finest. :)