Monday, October 20, 2008


(my son is #74 in the white jersey)

I am so out of my blogging routine that I went shopping today without lining up everything for a photo op! Maybe it was partly due to the fact that my daddy came for a visit. I was just trying to get it all put up and get the house clean. My dad drove 4 hours from Atlanta to see my son play football. It was the last JV game. If they are not ahead by a couple of touchdowns then the coaches don't even let my son play. I told my dad and he was still willing to drive just for the chance to see him. My dad also did this when we returned from the cruise and my kids gave me a surprise birthday party. He drives over 4 hours and will stay 2 and then drive back home. My son did get to play about 4 minutes tonight. Our team won 35-6. My dad has always been so good to be there. He is someone you can count on to go the extra mile out of his way for other people.


Valarie said...

Wow 35-6! Were y'all playing us???

Anonymous said...

Love those football pics!! I have a son playing also, and they just finished up their last JV game too.

My son gets to play a lot on JV, but rarely gets in during a varsity game. Like you said, only if were are killing the other team!!LOL He's okay with the fact that he doesn't get to play the whole game...he just enjoys being on the team, and being with "they guys".

Tami said...

Our last football game was last night too. I'm glad it is over so we can get back to some kind of normal around here. Our budget took a small hit because of football (eating out, etc.) Your team must have had a better year than ours. We only won one game all year. We only scored in three of those games. Oh well, Zane had fun and they are still little enough to where it doesn't matter.

momstheword said...

Thank you for giving me permission to add you to my blogroll. What a wonderful dad you have! I lost my dad this year and I miss him alot. Give your dad a hug for me!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Great pics!!!!

What a great dad you have and how lucky the kids are to have a grandfather who wants to be so involved! Glad you were able to see him for a while :)

Hope you're feeling alittle better!