Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omaha Steak Burgers Deal

Right now you can get $25.00 of Omaha Steaks for free. Yep, free! All you do is sign up at Geico Priviledges. You don't have to be a customer. Once there click on the Omaha Steak box in the upper right hand corner. They will email you a gift card code that you use when purchasing at Omaha Steaks. It may take 48 hours to receive your code.

Once you have the code go to Omaha Steaks and place your order. You need to order something that is $12.00 or more. Shipping is $13.99. By going through this link you not only get $25 off your order($12.00 for your order and $13.99 for shipping), but you will also get 12 (4 oz) Omaha Steak burgers for FREE!

I ordered the 8 stuffed baked potatoes for $12.99 and ended up paying $1.98 for my total cost-delivered! That is 8 stuffed potatoes and 12 steak burgers delivered for $1.98. Hurry, they are going to quit offering this deal with the internet rush of people telling about it.

1 comment:

Tami said...

I got mine but when Jim tried it didn't work. So the offer is gone.