Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 10/6/08

My goal is to spend $0.00 this week on food. I will use my Kroger gift card or Walgreen/ CVS bucks to get some milk and bread, but other than that, and butter- I need butter- I am eating what we have stocked up. I need to organize my freezers. I have two side by side refrigerator freezers and an upright. What I need to do is use what is in the inside one and fill it with the items I pull from so I don't open the outside ones so much. The upright is not frost free and is beginning to build up frost.

Monday-Chicken pot pie
Tuesday- Red Beans and rice
Wednesday- Grilled shrimp, brown rice,
Thursday-Chicken and white bean chili
Friday- lentil burritos,rice
Saturday-Tables of 6 supper group- I will bring part of the meal from what I have
Sunday- pasta salad with chicken

Go to I'm an organized junkie to get more inspiration for a weekly menu, or just to be real nosey and see what people actually eat.

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