Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look, My same plate I got!

Remember this platter that I bought at Kohls off of the clearance table? Well, I had saved the two table settings from Rate MY Space onto my computer for table setting ideas. It is the same plates! They did not have the shell square plates that are below the shell shaped plate but they had a stack of the shell ones. I have some money left on the gift card plus birthday money from my MIL left so I am going back to see how many they have.

I absolutely love this table setting. On Rate My Space it is the table of Moonlight and Magnolias. She has some beautiful rooms so go check her out.


Kim - Easy French Food said...

Wow, that really is just too pretty. Wouldn't you love to sit down for a meal there! Of course it would take the limelight away from the food, but oh well, I still want it.

Valarie said...

That setting very very cute :)

Dawn said...

I have similar plates in all neutral tones. I just got them this summer and absolutely love them. We have similar tastes!