Saturday, August 23, 2008

Garage sale finds 8/23/08

I bought this for the frame. It is a larger frame about 11x13 size.
All the glass jars were $1 each.
I paid $4 for this set of French dishes. They have a crackled glaze on them. I have been to two other sales from this woman. It is where I bought my Italian bowl and I also bought a serving plate with a crackled finish. You can tell they travel a lot. At the last sale they said they were preparing to go to (?) for the winter. Some Carribean type place.
Large candlestick was $1. I think I might put it on my tub surround in the bath.
My mom had these prints in her bedroom when I was growing up. Her's were a lot larger, though. I am going to paint the frames and mats.
Bag of floral picks for $1. There were 18 picks in the bag.
Alexandria Stoddard book and Devotional for $.50 each.
All the pants were Limited Too and for my 12 year old. She hates them all except the brown ones. I will sell them in the kids mart next month. I got two nice jackets and mittens for the boys.
A laptop carrier bag for my daughter that was $3. Sunglasses and organizer were from the free box.
And... the find of the day!!!! A $15 freezer!!!!!! I have stuffed my two side by side refrigerator freezers and now I can put up more stuff! It is a small freezer, but it will fit in the garage better and we can make our $15 back if we need to upgrade later.


Valarie said...

Ok, how about I just tell you what type od stuff I like and then you just find it for me, because I can never find good stuff. :)

Michelle said...

Wow, you had a great morning! I love the large candle stick and dishes. Have fun filling that freezer with goodies.

Have a good weekend

Southerner said...

Val, so you want me to be your personal shopper? Sure. We will have to go one day when my hubby is out of town or tired of me. Swift Creek should have their sale soon, they had it last year after we moved up from Florida. In case you don't know, Swift Creek is the sub right down the street from me that has million dollar plus homes. They had the most fabulous stuff and I was drooling. We had NO money with the two house payments and I couldn't buy a thing. I wanted to cry. My husband and I were about to take one another out right there in front of everyone.

chelle said...

Those are great our ares on Sat. nothing was I came home empty handed