Thursday, June 19, 2008

Look Who is 12

Today our DQ turns 12. DQ is her nick name for Drama Queen. She is always either really happy or really sad- not a lot of in between with her. She has a unique laugh that makes you laugh when she laughs and we end up in giggle wars. She is such a sweet pretty girl and I am so proud of her. She loves to shop and especially loves shoes. She was born 10 lb and 14 1/2 oz and 24 inches long. To be so big at birth she is now a tiny little thing except for her big clown feet. Just joking! My feet are small so she has passed me and we have to kid each other. I love you and hope you have a happy birthday. Sorry your,um my new, Yellow Box brown with pink polka dot flip flops don't fit you, but they fit me. They sure are cute, I will enjoy them. I LOVE YOU!


Marva said...

Hi southerner! Happy birthday to your precious baby girl! Many blessings!!!!

Valarie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Those are such good picture!! All your kids are just gorgeous. :)

Tami said...

Happy Birthday, DQ! What awesome pictures. She is beautiful.