Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CVS/Rite Aid/ Kroger/ Publix 6-17-08

CVS: 2 Fam size Head and shoulders $5.99- one free with BIGI coupon-$2 ECB= $3.99/2
2 Ban deoderants $1.99 each - $.40 and $.70 coupon
used $6.99 ECB - OOP $2.55- earned $2 ECB

Rite Aid: Beauty Handbook Magazine $.99
Raid Ant and Roach spray $2.99- $1 Store coupon- $1 man coupon= $.99
Fuji camera $10.99- Free after rebate item
Loreal Expert hair color $13.99- $2 store coupon- $3 man coupon=$8.99
Diapermate Disposable bags $2.49- free after rebate item
OOP $27.97 ($13.50 of rebate items, $8.99 for me to look like I am young and have shiny hair)

Kroger: milk $3.58
2 Dozen eggs $1.27 each
Kens Dressing $1.50- $1 coupon= $.50
Grape tomatoes- free Kroger coupon item
Pilsbury cake mix- free Kroger coupon item
Banana & reg popcycles $ 1.69 each
Excedrine $1.99- $2 coupon= free
8 packages Ball park franks $1.84 each
6 Banquet meals $1 each
OOP $34.47

CVS store #2:
Bandages $1.99/$1.99 ECB
Listerine Smart Rinse $3.49- $1 MC= $2.49/$3.49 ECB
clearance protein bar $.40
clearance protein bar $.70
Used $3.49 ECB and $2.34 OOP- Earned $3.49 & $1.99 ECB

Publix: 12 ears corn $3.98
bag of oranges $3.99
bag of apples $ 4.99
Bag of potatoes $3.99
6 ziploc bags $2.00 each - $1.50/2 & 4- $.40 coupons that doubled = $1.20 each
chuck roast $8.12
vidalia onions $ 1.52
carrots $1.69
2 bags Dole salads $1.75 each - 2 $.50(doubled) = $.50 each
2 cake mixes $1.79
OOP $42.30

Total for day = $109.63

I was totally out of all fruits and salad type vegetables so I spent more than usual just to get some things bought between birthday parties and other stuff. I am trying to eat really good so it is worth it to have some things on hand.


blessedwith5 said...

Just read your post on my blog! I am so glad you spoke up to the DVM "chick" one would think there would be standards of dress. The rolling of the eyes would not fly with me either!
Good for you - standing up and all! What was her response?

Valarie said...

Ok, can I go shopping with you , because I don't think I have ever spent that little on so much!

Valarie said...

They have a little opening under the tank, that you cral under and then stand up in the bubble. Its really neat. :)

chelle's winks said...

good job!

Susie Harris said...

I wish I could do that... I need to read up on some of your post and get some ggod advise. glad I found ya... Im southern too, Susie H

Jennifer said...

OMG, I have goose bumps right now! I did a similar post just an hour ago before stumpling upon your blog!! ha. I hope to visit you again soon!