Monday, June 2, 2008

Furnishings for the media room

I put on my comfortable Yellow Box sandals for a marathon shopping trip today. I went and bought this sectional. We decided to go with leather with all the kids so that it doesn't stain. It is sooo comfortable.

I got this big ottoman coffee table in MY colors. They all will have to just suck it up because I gave up decorating a dining room so I am decorating this room like I want- fru fru and all as you will see.
I bought a lot of accessories at hobby lobby. The lighting isn't right. Everything is robbins egg blue and browns.
The duck and clock are the blue color and really pretty. I found the lamp at a thrift store for $5, I am going to add trim to the shade.

The color doesn't show it right but the globe had a really cool blue color and it looks a little aged. I got it at the thrift store. It will be great for home schooling and to just make us look like seasoned travelers.
This is my pillow fabric and trim. Loved picking out these!
I got these ready made faux silk panels.


blessedwith5 said...

I love the leather sectional - I have leather and it is great with all of the kids and any spill or sticky fingers wipe right off! There is truly nothing like leather! I am excited for you to get your fru fru room just the way you want it! Good For You! Love your Hobby Lobby finds - I haven't been there in ages!
Your toes look really great too!

Valarie said...

Ok where did you get the sectional? I might just have to copy you. :) I have been looking for a leather sectional that I liked for a good while now, for the same reasons.

Southerner said...

Valerie- Ashley furniture on Memorial Parkway. It is really comfortable. We have two leather chairs in the family room and I love them.

Southerner said...

Valerie, Have you been to Pam's on 72 going to Athens? FABULOUS shop with a lot of accessories. I need to go.

Marva said...

I love!!!!!! did I say love? Cause I mean LOVEEEEEE the sectional! Leather is so great!

What terrific colors too! Great job!!!

Hope you are doing good! Hasn't it been hum id the last couple of days. I am going to wilt, having to get in the heat (going back to work) after being in the a/c so long! Stay cool!


Tami said...

Love those colors and your flip flops are adorable. My mom got a pair of black and white ones for Mother's Day.

chelle's winks said...

Love all of it!

The Downtown Boutique said...

I love the blog! I just happened to Stumble Upon it, but I want to come back and just read and read and read. I love the sectional, and the blues and browns together. Very pretty!


JenMarie said...

G O R G E O U S ! Love the colors!