Friday, May 30, 2008

This and That

My butterbeans are coming up- looks like it is saying "Feed ME!"
Most of the roses on this bush have bloomed and this is the last hold out.
Love this photo I took- he was next to bat and had a Gatorade mustache and looks so intent.
We are in ball tournament this week and next. Go Orioles!

I have records check with the home school group today so will be leaving. This weekend The inspired room is asking for us to do drive bys of our community and leave a link on their site. Check out the site if you haven't, she has great photos. I think I will try to get some photos of some of the homes in our area. You have until Monday.


blessedwith5 said...

Drive by pictures sounds fun! I cann't wait to see the pictures.

Valarie said...

We have ball tournaments for the next two weekends and then almost every weekend after that. Its gonna be a long summer of ball. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I live in Meridianville, AL. I figured you were in AL but thought maybe southern(probably cause of your picture.) I'm originally from Illinois and miss all the good flea mkts. up there. Moved here 8 yrs. ago so my DH could become an officer with HPD.I love your blog. Debbie