Monday, May 5, 2008

New lantern, After photo of garage

We worked all day Saturday after baseball and cleaned the garage, cut shrubs around our pond, pulled ivy out of the beds, then we went shopping. I found this lantern with a bird on it and had to have it. See the pond in the back ground? I have two wicker chairs a side table and a coffee table set up beside the pond so we can go have lemonade and talk. We discovered strawberries when pulling bushes and cutting everything. It is what is over behind the pond in the corner.


There is still some work to do, but doesn't it look so much better??? We had our garage sale and took 4 big boxes to the thrift store. I have two boxes of stuff I want to list on craig's list or ebay. One day we will paint the garage my yellowy tan color. Not on the top of my priority list. My WHOLE house was this blue green color. Every room and even the closets and my pantry. They must have gotten a deal on it.


linda said...

I can't believe how much you got accomplished out in the looks great. Now you need to go sit in your wicker chair, by your lovely pond, and have some lemonade!

Valarie said...

I love that lantern, and when can I expect you over here at my place. :)

Tracye said...

Ugh. I'm tired just looking at those pictures. Great job on the garage!

And what a beautiful yard (and lantern).

Dawn said...

Wow! You look like you've been "Clean Sweeped!" Looks great!

Blessings! Dawn

chelle's winks said...

I love the lantern. We are getting ready for a garage sale too. Can't wait to get all my stuff out of the garage too.....Looks Great!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

WOW, I'm impressed. The lantern and the garage are amazing!

Happy day!


Marcy said...

Holy cow! Your "after" pics look awesome!