Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garage Sale May 3

Bacon microwave cooker $.10, cutting board $.50, cups $.05 each, 2 small vases $.25 each, large vase $1
10 books for $4.00, Adkins cookbook for $1
3 backpacks and a pencil case all free. The lady heard me ask my husband about getting them to send to Africa to our missionary friend and she said to take them for free.
5 wine boxes for $10. Ballards has some in their catalog that are $75 for two on sale from $99.95.
8 pair of Abercrombie and other name brand teenager jeans for $11.00
3 skirts and a top for $4.00
3 gym shorts for $2.50.


linda said...

I think I need to start going to garage hit the jackpot!

glenda said...

Wow! I love those wine boxes. That was a steal! And how thougtful of both you and the garage sale host to donate those backpacks.

Tami said...

I went to yard sales today with the little bit of time I had in between baseball and bluegrass. I'll be posting what I got later this weekend. (when I get a chance) You got some good deals. What are you going to do with the wine boxes? Just curious.

Southerner said...

Tami- Right now I have put 3 of the boxes on the top shelf in the laundry room for storage. I have party paper plates in one, my stuff from CVS, etc that I want to sell in one, and nothing in the other one. The other two... I will probably put on another shelf when I clean it off more. I like that they are sturdy and conceal things on the shelf while decorating a little.

jennifer said...

YEA! Good Finds! What are you going to do with the wodden boxes? They are cool.

Have a happy day!


jennifer said...

I just read the comments - I gotcha now on the boxes. See? Everybody is interested in them!

Jen Again said...

i LOVE when i find good clothes at a garage sales!
i am ready for some good sales.
our town is not great for sales but if i drive to the next town...good stuff!

Marva said...

Woohoo! way to go! Awesome finds! We had our yard sale this weekend and will have it next weekend as well!


chelle's winks said...

Great finds!

It's All Good! said...

Wow! You totally scored! It's been so windy here I haven't braved my yardsailing. Gotta get out there and get started!
Have a great week.
Brenda :)