Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Walgreens and CVS trip for the week of 5/4

I am TOTALLY WASTED now after going to three Walgreen stores and two CVS stores today! I got:

6 Cover Girl nail polishes
4 CG eyeliners
6 CG mascaras
2 eyeshadows-
8 Charmin Freshmates
1 Mr Clean eraser
3 Mr Clean wipes
2 Fabreeze Air Effects
4 Old Spice body washes
15 Crest toothpastes
Zantac $3.99- $3 RR- $1 man coupon =free
Fusion razor $9.99-$6 RR-$4 man coupon=free(not in photo)

All part of the proctor and gamble buy 9 products get $20 RR back. Since the cover girl is on sale buy one get one half price you only have to buy 6 of them and you still get the $20 RR. I added 5 items from my trip two days ago band the other 6 are put up so that is why it does not equal groups of 9 evenly.

I spent $97.98 cash and used $51.91 in gift cards and have $8.09 remaining on a gift card and $89.00 in RR to redeem= a total profit of $31.02. Two of the Walgreen stores would let me put RR on a store card and one would not. So, I am going to drive to the other store to put the RR on a card next time! I lost $20 in RR, one transaction I used $10 RR to pay so did not get my $20 RR. I just counted it as a loss since I am getting such good deals. Remember not to use them to pay for the same deal!!!

Venus razor $9.99- 5 ECB-$4 man coupon + $.99
3 Tide detergents-4.99
2 nail glue $1.99 each =$3.98/ made $5 ECB
3 dawn dish detergent $.88 each
3 pringles (not in photo)
Used 2 $3/$15 CVS coupons in 2 transactions
Used $23.00 ECBs and $$1.26 OOP / made $10 ECB


Tami said...

I always do a lot better at CVS than at Walgreen's. I have found that our closest Walgreen's (which is about 30 minutes away) never has what is on sale in stock. Especially the products that give RR. I have $8 on a gift card but I have quit going there. We are getting a new Walgreen's in our town (opening in a month or so). I'm hoping that they will be better stocked. You did a great job shopping today. I clipped and sorted and cleaned out coupons for 3 hours tonight. Very time consuming but reaps great rewards.

Marva said...

You should be totally wasted!;) Look at you go bargain queen! Great deals! Those are some awesome savings!!!!

Have a great day and blessings!!!

chelle's winks said...

More good deals!!!!!