Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday's Waddlin to the Weigh In

I have lost 1 lb. this week. It is discouraging, but I am moving in the right direction. I have done a lot better and feel like I am finally on the road to not being so all or nothing. I feel committed to stick with it and make small changes to make it to the end. I can't do it all at once. I have begun exercising and although I have missed some days, I am trying to learn how to fit it in when I have other things to do. I think that to think ahead and regroup when something comes up and try to at least do a little something is a big thing. Again, I want to be all or nothing, but am learning that a small amount is better than nothing. It is like trying to save money. Small amounts here and there and learning different ways to cut spending. Well, I am finding those small areas to save calories or add exercise.

Join in the weigh in and post your progress.


Marva said...

Great job southerner! They say the slower you lose it the more likely it is to stay off.

If that's true I will keep it off forever! ;)

I got started (offically) on Monday. i need to lose lots. I'll post on that. Great job though! Blessings!!!!

Crazy in Alabama said...

Hello, just wanted to say hello to another Alabama girl!! Good luck on the weight loss. I had my first baby in December and am trying to continue to lose the baby weight! Doing ok so far!

chelle's winks said...

Good job! Marva is right...slower is better even though it's human nature to want it all right away.

Keep up the good work. I feel challenged for my next "Wednesdays Weight"

Good Job again!!!

and on your comment...yes first thing in the morn, no food, no clothes....That's the way I weigh...unfortunatly at WW I have to keep my clothes on but I go with as little and light weight as I can...

Pikes Pickles said...

Hey- I read your comments on Chelles blog. I am trying to jump in on the weight loss as well. Its great to meet you.
ALSO- I LOVE your family picture. It is really great.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Slower is better! And for me at age 47, what I eat is more of a factor than my exercise, though that is important, too.

May I share 2 tips?

--fruit and yogurt for lunch( I like Granny Smith apples) is really a filling and helpful part of my weight-loss routine

and... have you tried this? wrap a pickle spear in a slice of cheese and then wrap that in turkey deli meat. Toothpick it and eat it cold or zap in microwave. Or you can put all that in a pita or tortilla. You could add low cal dressing. Yummy and very healthy

It's All Good! said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. Every little bit counts! I'm shooting for 12 or so lbs. And finally getting into the exercise routine. So, I'm there with ya!
God bless,
Brenda :)