Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by Mummy Chronicles to list 6 non important quirks or facts about me. Oh this is going to be a hard one because I am NOT quirky! My goodness.

1. I don't like for people to touch my hair much. I guess it is all the work it takes to get it to do right. It just really annoys me and feels like they are invading my space. Oh, I do remember how my mom used to stroke my hair at night and it was really relaxing. I LOVE it when the beautician washes my hair. So, this is really odd that I don't like people to just come up and touch it. I actually have a reflex to hit or push them away. That is from my brother pulling one strand at a time S-L-O-W-L-Y.

2. I check my site reader every day, sometimes two or three times. I like see my average per day, then how many people really looked today, then in the last hour, then sort by location, then sort by referral. I then look at google referals to see what they typed in the search engine to get to my blog. That is where the fun begins to see the odd things people type in, or the person looking for something serious and they got me.

3. I have a quirky sense of humor but I don't know if it comes out on my blog. Yes or No?

4.I am very visual and sometimes people say things that I visualize and cannot keep from laughing. I visualize inanimate objects being personal and having feelings. In SS this week we learned that the name Levi meant to cleave to. I spent the rest of class visualizing thinking it was funny that someone named Levi invented a blue jean and how they cleave to a lot of people. I have trouble looking at the choir. Some Sundays I pick out that her skirt would look good with her top and how these two clash sitting so close together.

5.I rhyme a a lot. It is real fun. I do it when I sit. I do it when I run. I cannot help it when I rhyme. I do it all the all the time. Really annoys the kids. (He, He)

6. I can do lots of things with my feet. It is a special gift. My toes are like fingers and I can curl them to grab pencils and things to pick them up. I am very flexible overall. When I was little I liked to play like I didn't have hands and try to do everything with my feet. I would spend whole days writing with my feet, opening doors, pushing things closed, picking up things, and even could brush my hair (you thought I was going to say teeth, didn't you?) with my feet. Not into a cute style- just brushed. Never got to drive with my feet. I'll do that tomorrow.

There, not so hard after all. I am quirkier than I thought.
I have to tag 3 people- chelle at Tiddly Winks ,Brenda,and JenMarie


Marva said...

Interesting.......not quirky at all! It's good to see you again! many blessing and thank you so much for the encouragement. Blessings!!!

JenMarie said...

Thanks for thinking of me! (But I'm not much of a tagger)
LOVE your blog, I check it daily!

It's All Good! said...

Hi, I've completed my quirky facts meme. That was fun! Sounds like you and I might have the same sense of humor. Sometimes I wonder if I'm writing in such a way that people are really 'getting into my head' and taking it exactly the way I meant it. I'm with you on the hair thing, 'tho I didn't list that one.
God Bless!
Brenda :)