Friday, April 4, 2008

Renting Videos

Have you used Netflix or Blockbuster on line rentals? We have used both and I am trying the Blockbuster on a two week trial. The problem? It is into the 2nd week and I have not received any of my 3 movies that I am supposed to have at one time. We tried them when we lived in Florida and had the same problem. I added about 6 movies to my queue and they all said they were available. I don't understand what the problem is. Both times I have contacted customer service to advise them that it is taking over a week to get the movies and they tell me that I need to add more movies to my queue to incur less delays. What? I have 6 there and have not received any. In Florida, I searched and added movies that I really didn't care to watch and, of coarse, they sent those. The only thing that I like about Blockbuster is that when you finally get your video you can exchange it at a store and not have to wait. Our Blockbuster is about 5 miles away. To some I know you are saying that is no big deal, but our house is located right within walking distance of everything and I don't want to drive that far when there are others closer. When we used Netflix, we got our movies the next day or at most, two days later. They have awesome turn around time. If you are looking at subscribing I would definitely go with Netflix.


Belle-ah said...

I like Netflix as well. During the school year I dropped down to a1 at a time rotation but will increase next month for the kiddos!

Marva said...

We use netflix as well. I like it and the turn around time is great, as you mentioned.

I have never tried blockbuster......sounds like a bust to me, no pun intended! ;)


Katie said...

You must be a mind reader...I just asked some friends which was better! Thanks for the input =)