Friday, April 4, 2008

I bought more food

I didn't get a photo but I went to Kroger again and got:

6 Lipton rice mixes
3 Kroger pop tarts
6 gold fish
3 Cheeze its
2 Hormel chili
6 Grand biscuits
4 Cinnamon rolls
6 packs of Ballpark hotdogs

I paid $1.00 for the 6 Grands biscuits( teeny small sizes though), and made $.60 on the cinnamon rolls after coupons. I didn't have coupons for the other items, I was just stocking up while the prices are so good. I am going to go back tomorrow at least once and get more gold fish, pretzels, progresso, milk that is $1.77 a half gallon, and some of the $1.99 ground chuck.

I sent hubbie to Dollar General Market. They had a coupon in their flyer for a dozen eggs which are $1.00. They have a two dozen limit. They also have 12 oz bacon for $1.00. He bought 5 of the bacons, we tried it and it was good- kind of thin but okay for price.

I learned a lesson at CVS. They finally had the CVS rapid release geltabs in stock so I bought my limit of 5. They didn't have any of the other things in stock except the toe seperators. I should have done more than one transaction because I have an almost $20 ECB coupon that I have to use. That is hard to spend that much at CVS in one transaction if they don't get in the spa radiance soaps. So, if I were to do it again I would seperate them so that I had $3.99 ECBs instead of them being lumped in one. I think they took the toe seperators off the shelf. I went last night and there was a full bin. Today the one with the right UPC code was empty. Unless someone came in and cleaned them out I was thinking they might have taken them to the back. I searched throught the other bins and found 3 to use for the deal. So, I got to do it twice- once last night and once today. For those who don't know, if you bought 3 of the brand beauty products you get $5 ECB back. The toe seperators were $.99 each and one of the types worked. So, you spent $2.97 and got back $5 making a profit. I know, robbing the store!

So far I have spent $298.81 for the month- um, it is the 4th!


jennifer said...

I SO need to take a page out of your book - your coupon book that is. Your comment made me REALLY LOL, as opposed to te smile that I label LOL half of the time. My gnome is so heavy I hate to think of him traveling.

So you live in the city dedicated to Mr VonBronn? I live in Blount County, in the county seat. hmmmm? A google search involved here?

I hope you have a super duper weekend!


Oh, and the Wed. Weigh in. I'll try to remember to do it but I AM NOT posting my weight. OMG-osh, that would be awful.

Tami said...

It seems like our CVS is keeping less and less of what's on sale in stock. I go 2 or 3 times a week and still they are out of it. I end up going to another CVS 20 minutes away. That is very frustrating but I always get free stuff and I am addicted to free shopping. I have quite a bit of ECBs built up that I have to use too. But I'm waiting until the new stuff comes out tomorrow. Didn't see much I was interested in this week. Still jealous of the Kroger. Never heard of Dollar General Market. Although it seems like we saw one while traveling last summer. I do love our Dollar General and they have quite a few groceries. I need to start posting my sweet deals every week.

chelle's winks said... are a good shopper!