Sunday, April 27, 2008

Garage Sale Success

We braved the clouds and went ahead and put out all our stuff for the sale. We had high traffic all day. In all I made $296.00. Most of the stuff was priced at $1.00 so I am really happy with that amount. I mostly wanted to clear out all the stuff that I had. I had a full wicker laundry basket pictured in last post, full of all the free after rebates or coupons that I have picked up at CVS and Walgreen and Rite Aid. It was really a good money maker. I put everything at $1.00 except for the flameless candles @ $2 and soft soap @ $1.50 and expensive razors @ $2 and I only had a few people who tried to bargain. If I could get the $1 I would take the lower price. I sold all of it but about 8 things. I will just put it up till our fall sale. I kept four rubbermaid boxes of our good clothes to put in the fall and then spring consignment sales. They get really good prices. We loaded up all the other stuff and took to our church's thrift store.

I am going to start buying good children's clothes at yard sales when they are under $1 and putting them in the consignment sales. I have empty rubbermaid boxes so that I can store them in the attic. I hope for this to be a way for me to make some extra money.


Tami said...

I've already been buying some stuff to consign or put on ebay. I bought a baby sling that retails for $30 for $1 at a thrift store about a month ago and I think I am going to save it for consignment. I keep thinking about ebay but it just seems like too much of a pain. Have you sold on ebay? What do you think?

Southerner said...

Tami- I have sold a lot of clothes on ebay before. I sold them in lots by size mostly. I did okay- making $1-2 per item. I have also picked up a few items like a size 2T Ralph Lauren button down for $1 and it sold for $8. What I do not like about ebay is having to pack the items and go to the post office to mail them. It was not that big of a hassle and worth weeding out clutter and making a little money.
Our city has a huge Kids Market twice a year. You get a number and tag all your items and price them yourself. I think they get half. My friend has done it three times and prices shirts $4-$5 and dresses $8-$10. She made $300 this spring. She is my friend that does not go to garage sales or thrift stores so it is only her hand me downs that she sold. People are willing to pay the higher price to be able to get a season of clothes in a day. I thought that I would try to sell at kids market each season then go to garage sale after that for what does not sell.
You also could try to sell on Craigs list. You don't have to ship the items. If you feel weird about anyone coming to your home you could meet them in a public place.

Sandy said...

Congratulations on your garage sale success! Awesome!

Tracye said...

EMPTY rubbermaid boxes?!?

Whoever heard of such a thing???

Congrats on the sale!

Southerner said...

tracye- We were the laughing stock of our moving help when we moved from Florida. We had over 24 rubbermaid boxes. So, thankfully some are empty now!