Friday, April 25, 2008

Free stuff for garage sale

I am weeding out stuff for the garage sale this weekend. This basket is full of stuff that I got for free after rebates or CVS ECBs and coupons. I priced everything at $1.00 and if all sells it is $62.00 worth of $1.00 stuff! Have you ever wondered if it is worth it to buy all the stuff at the stores that you don't need? Maybe I should say take the stuff instead of buy the stuff because a few of the items were money makers, but the most I paid for any of this was my time and gas, stamp for monthly rebate to Walgreens, and tax- some of the tax was even covered with the use of register rewards or ECBs or gift cards for transferring prescriptions.

The news is saying it is going to rain tomorrow so I may not be able to have the sale. Man, I REALLY REALLY need to get this stuff sold.


Tami said...

That's awesome that your free stuff has the potential to earn you that much money. I love CVS. I wish we lived somewhere where we could have a garage sale. I'll just have to take mine to the flea market in town. But that will be okay too. Good luck tomorrow.

Marva said...

I hope the sale goes well for you today! Blessings!!!