Monday, April 28, 2008

My garden

I never trimmed back my roses, so they are taking over the deck. Our home came with a rear deck and small yard area about 8 feet behind the deck that is enclosed with a fence and arbor. There is a Koi pond next to the deck. I have the arbor with clematis, 6 rose bushes, whatever this is near the arbor (honeysuckle?) and many other bulbs that I think might be daylillies that have come up but not bloomed. We are replacing the fence and arbor because they are rotten.

I finally got my husband to stay home long enough to build two raised beds for vegetables. We ran out of nails for the second bed so it is unfinished. I hope to get out there in the next day or two and get seed planted.

QUESTION: How does the camera know which way is up when I turn it sideways? It always prints it the right way without me doing anything. Just too weird and freaky to think my camera is watching me.


Marva said...

How nice!!! I love to see other people's homes and gardens! Blessings on your planting! We did not cut our rose bush back this year either......;)

I don't know about the camera thing......weird though!!

Tami said...

Your yard is beautiful. We're still working on our yard. if they would hurry up with the pool, it would help. But the rain keeps coming.

Tracye said...

I've been meaning to ask someone about this... congratulations, you're the winner!

Why the raised beds? Is there a bottom to the raised beds? Or is it just a square of wood beams on the ground? I've never planted vegetables, and have been thinking about it. Can I not just remove some grass in an area and stir up the soil?

Southerner said...

Tracye- I picked up the book Square Root Gardening a few years back. The concept is that you plant in 1 foot sections instead of rows and are able to plant more in that space to yeild more produce per foot. Because you build the bed up you never walk on the soil and are supposed to have less weeds. Mel Bartholomew (?) is the author of the book and if you google square foot gardening you can find him and see how exactly to make one and why.

We bought a scoop full of top soil and added in compost manure mixture. We built each box two landscape timbers high. It does not have a bottom to it. We dug up the grass where the box is and loosened the soil before adding more.

This is our 3rd garden. We had one in a rental house that came with the best soil in the world. Our next garden was on ten acres of sand that we had in Florida. We added to the soil but it wasn't very rich. It produced a lot but got very weedy. I am very visual so tend to ignore the weedy gardens. I don't know if you have rattle snakes in your area, but I don't like to chance trying to take my veggies near possible rattle snakes that thought it was his. I thought the raised beds would fit me better because it at least contains the mess in a pretty little box. And, I think only cute bunnies like raised beds, not snakes.

Southerner said...

Tracye- I forgot to mention that here in N Alabama we have red clay. We are in a valley and our soil is as hard as rock. To try to till up a garden plot would kill any man alive.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh you did not just post all these gorgeous pics of your flowers! Waaaa. I want flowers like that!

Sandy said...


The Nester said...

I came by to tell you thank you for the inspiring encouraging comment you left for me to have a sale!!!


I am currently envying your garden and Yes, I have the same question about those smart cameras!