Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Gonna Spur On The Economy!

We went to Costco and Target today looking for a lens for our camera. I really want one before we leave next week for vacation, but we didn't find one. While we were at Costco I decided to see if they still had the bath vanity that I covet everytime I go in. Now, I have not been planning on really buying it. I just like to go look at things that I like to make myself miserable before going home. I found the one that I covet and there was a sticker that it is $150 off through tomorrow. I told hubbie I wanted it, he looked at me like I had lost my mind, I gave very convincing story about how we needed it and showed him where I would store the 1000 bars of soap from Walgreens and the stacks of free toothpaste and shampoo on the pull out drawers,then we called daughter to measure our bath to see if it would fit. Well, of coarse it does. They were closing so we left and decided to go tomorrow after church. I am so excited. It is a double black base that is footed and has a marble top. Costco does not have it on their site but it is almost exactly like the single one in the photo above without the crossbar molding and mine has a double marble top and is the size of the double one in the photo. Honey, you'll look so much better standing in front of our new vanity flexing your muscles, don't you think? When we finally get the wallpaper down you won't have to watch for the flying bees or monkies in headdresses to attack you.


JenMarie said...

That vanity is GORGEOUS!!!

Sandy said...

That is really funny :) And the vanity is so cool looking. I like to look too (love Costco stuff) and we're dreaming about re-doing our bathroom, but have to start with the kitchen first!

Tami said...

Never been to Costco but after seeing this I need to go get a membership. That is gorgeous and I want to re-do our bathroom too. Did you find the lens you needed? Do you think Costco is better than Sam's?

Southerner said...

Tami- thank you, I love it too. We went and picked it up and with our two teens could not get it out of the truck. It weighed over 400 lbs with packaging. We took 100 lbs off taking it out of the box but could only bring it up front steps to foyer. We are waiting till my daughters guy friends are back from spring break to get it upstairs.
No, they did not have our lens in the store. We would have to order it, and we want it quicker so we are going to Circuit City to buy it for about $10 more.

Costco is exactly like Sams. We have a membership to both. I am not renewing the Costco because it is further away. The only reason we got the membership there was to get their stainless steel Whirlpool package. Sam's had GE and hubbie was dissatisfied with our previous GE refrige. I did pay $100 for the premium Executive membership over the standard one because you get back 2% on all you purchases at the end of the year. We bought the appliance package, the vanity and also a compost bin for $70 so we will get the membership fee back by the end of the year.